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The Anatomy of a "Lumberyard"

When I tell people who I work for - they get this kinda funny look on their face and say "So you sell wood?" I just want to yell " Well, yeah, we do sell wood. But we also sell so many other things too! Come in and you'll see!"

I really had no idea that the Lumber and Building Materials Industry was so gigantic. I thought Mid-Cape Home Centers was just this little local, yokel kinda place where you know, they sold wood. Who knew wood was traded as a commodity? Who knew there were all these cool new things you could do with your kitchen design. Who knew about the battles that take place amongst competition.... I certainly didn't. My dads a lawyer and handy as a sloth. (love ya dad!) [More]

The $50 Tube of Caulk

let Mid-Cape deliver your supplies or use some economies of scale and have one guy pick up all the supplies for the job on his way into work. Or stock the warehouse with commonly used items. So many options to save money, gas, time and staff. Let us help you figure out what works best. [More]