The Mid-Cape experience has only been built even stronger in the past year. In 2018, we have welcomed new successes, great new customers, and new vendors providing the highest quality products. These include Boise Cascade, Fortifiber, and Caoba Doors. Let’s take a look at these great companies and how they have enhanced the Mid-Cape experience even further.

Boise Cascade

“Great products are only the beginning.” Boise Cascade provides a wealth of quality engineered wood products for any building or construction needs. Their offerings of engineered wood products include ALLJOIST® series, BCI® Joists, VERSA-LAM® laminated veneer lumber beans & headers, VERSA-STUD®, Boise Cascade® OSB rimboard, BOISE GLULAM®, and AJS® 24 FMJ. Boise also offers software and tools for builders to use to enhance performance.

Boise Cascade is amongst those in the top tier regarding the manufacturing and distributing of building materials. They “bring people, products and services together to build strong homes, businesses and communities that stand the test of time.”

Henry Fortifiber

From the makers of Henry Blueskin VP100 comes Fortifiber, able to protect houses for up to 75 years from adverse weather conditions. The Fortifiber line of products includes WeatherSmart housewrap, Fortiflash window flashing, and Moistop Sealant. When used together, the Fortifiber system provides complete moisture protection, and protects you with a 15 year material plus labor warranty. As Fortifiber and Henry Blueskin state, “Together we bring a versatile array of Building Envelope Systems® to our many partners. We offer weatherization systems that protect all elements of a structure from roof to foundation.”

Ensure weather protection in three simple steps.

It’s as easy as this:

  1. Pick a water-resistive barrier from our extensive line of housewraps and building papers
  2. Pick one or more flashings from our line of peel and stick or mechanical flashings
  3. Use Moistop Sealant and Liquid Flashing

Click here to view the page on our website that details more about Mid-Cape and Fortifiber.


For over thirty years, Caoba Doors has continued to thrive as a premier manufacturer of beautifully designed and constructed luxury windows, doors and millwork. Founded in La Antigua Guatemala, Central America, immersed in a rich history of wood working, Caoba Doors has combined a historical appreciation of the craft with the ever changing demands of design and engineering.

Styles of Caoba doors include:

  • Hinged French
  • Sliding Patio
  • Vista View Bi-Fold
  • Lift-Slide and Multi-Slide
  • Entry
  • Interior

Caoba uses the highest quality materials for their beautiful doors, windows, and millwork. Honduran Mahogany and Spanish Cedar are the standard at Caoba, but they will use any material the customer requests as long as it is available and is able to meet Caoba’s standard of quality.

The Mid-Cape experience consists of service, customers, support, teamwork, quality, community, people, products, and delivery. In building that experience, we ensure that the companies who partner with us have not only the best quality products, but that they also employ the highest level of integrity and social responsibility.

Here at Mid-Cape, we not only wish to reflect on the incredible year we have had, which has been made possible by all of our partners, vendors, and customers, but we also want to look ahead to 2019. We are excited for what the coming year will bring and we are grateful to have you with us as we grow. We wish you a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

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