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125 years in 2020

In 2020, Mid-Cape Home Centers is celebrating our 125th Anniversary in a big way! We want you to have a personal part in acknowledging Mid-Cape’s 125 years of quality service, as well as our commitment to the local community, to our customers, team members, and partners. We want to give back and thank our customers for your dedication to Mid-Cape in supporting us through the years.

What is the Mid-Cape 125 Club?

The Mid-Cape 125 Club is a group of Mid-Cape customers who have, and will continue to, support us through the years. Whether you are a recent addition to the Mid-Cape family or you’ve been working with us for decades, all are welcome to join the 125 Club!

Members of the 125 Club will be automatically signed up for an exclusive email list of which there will be early access to limited edition offers, early access to Mid-Cape news, special rewards, and more! 125 Club members will also have the opportunity to sign up for exclusive quarterly subscription boxes.

How Do You Sign Up for the 125 Club?


Fill out the detailed form below with your information. Join others who love Mid-Cape. Once you’ve signed up, watch your email for exclusive opportunities, rewards, and discounts. It’s easy and free!

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125 Club Quarterly Subscription Boxes

In 2020, Mid-Cape is offering a number of 125 Club members the opportunity to sign up to receive a box in the mail. Members can choose to sign up for just one, just two, three, or all four of the quarterly subscription boxes. Sign-ups will be at separate times, so watch your email inbox!

Signing up as a 125 Club Member does not mean that you are registered to receive a subscription box. These are separate registrations. If you choose to sign up as a 125 Club Member, you will then be prompted to register to receive a subscription box, although this is not required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each quarter, only 25 will be chosen to receive a box, but there will be a new opportunity each quarter to sign up for the next box.

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